? y esto que es ?


Super Hero Problems

I am about to be born

one hundred times again

I don’t think I am allowed to think of you

as I fall into this grey day

I welcome your ignorance as my growth

as you use youth as a shield to be humane

I engrave notches on my cell wall

another day another chance

Unaware my disappearance with fill you with knowledge

the undertaker dresses my fatal wounds

and with a spank out the door

..you’re not dead yet my friend

come back some other day

as I kick the pebbles to my destination

I stare into the nothing sky

and feel so tiny

All I want is that one moment

where nothing will matter anymore




This madness is equivalent

almost directly

and quite possibly as beyond words

can explain such as

a sunsets orange and pink blueness

Does that make sense?

Will one day it begin?

this morning that ends in twilight

You are sometimes dressed in nights sky

a pigment of one’s imagination

Black explains all about nothing

You are so quiet

I know in my head the second version of you is best

and I would like to think the dreams

that linger changed you somehow

why would you invite me to live a dream?

am I as transparent as the boy with no soul?

Lost in a world with no reality

and once dead gone

You are living life full

While I bath in clouds unable to come down

love and heartbreak the same feeling




messy lover

I turn everything into love

They removed my space

I sit here and think of your face

Is it plain or like the wind?

I turn it all into love every look and grin

They removed my space

Yet they have drawers full

It all lays out here. My love

on the floor,sticking out-of-doors and tucked into corners

It becomes a great thing these untidy quarters

Plenty fills this home of lonely fools

Blind they are living on piles in pools

I could be a queen you could be a king

we can live,laugh,love and sing

but this is my mess across desolate skies

This is my mess upon where I lie

In the shadows of this hearts light

is a kiss we will share some night


cartoon fire

I know the only thing that makes you great is my imaginary version of you

I am totally in the dark

making an imaginary spark

cartoon fire

imaginary love

ignited solemnly slowly

this unresting soul

thoughts of you constant

white swirling creeping fog of a love

unreal,but just as good


desperately sharing

imaginarily robotically caring

eve en true you lee

She will see soon

she is good

an existence

in a nevermind land

one life

dreaming in aisle 9

a fool

sad and happy

the opposite of that 80′s jam

better off in this one life

it’s a good thing

she was a fool

but an English man says it better in a song

her life


when in that neighborhood

your soul floods my transmissions


dream catcherLast night caught

tangled and saved

a sweet kiss

soft in sleep


a wide awake emotion

captured and saved

being in the kiss

watching our kiss in  dreams view

recurring kiss

between me and you

a Sunday gig

unplug the cord from the lifeless love

not worth a breath

when the push needs a shove

dead from the get go

a game like pong

what’s the worth

make excuses for the wrong

so go around town

like you got no worry

he would be guilty

in front the jury

besides love aint love if you want it in a hurry

take your time

make your bed

create all the gorgeous things in your head

this boy is in a bowl

memory like a fish

you are like a crumb

and he is on his next dish

swept on the floor

so get up and get down

you can’t be a queen

when you keep taking off your crown

the undispatched invitation

would you accompany me ?

I would very like you to be there

a fire some snacks some kisses

well only if you want

the drive would be nice

when it gets cold you can keep me warm

well if you want

hello I was wondering if you would like to come with me

I don’t know if it will be fun,but there will be liquor


Hi I am going to bake a cake in your honor

It will be made from scratch with love

Hi I have a crush on you

Are you doing anything tonight?

wanna hang out?

Hi…what are you doing?

I wanna see the night sky

I wanna talk about nothing

the undispatched invitation

the undispatched invitations

oh my gosh how funny

I wanna hang witcheeww honey




I want to capture your soul

I have a box a string and a twig

high riding the wind beneath your breath

falls vapor measures a second of your existence

heat you’re alive inside of my love

floating in circles in the air like a dove

your soul I want to capture

in green sullen spring

when birds want to cry but instead they just sing

your soul at night does it glow

a lonely white voyage on water I flow

heat you’re alive inside of my mate

when winter is late

how long can I wait

to capture your soul

a sunset is dawning

your yellow

your green

you are you

I am fawning


serious were you?

Lines written for you?

circles for you?

that evening a dragon ate the sun

and glittery stars formed into my eyes

I wish I could be more graceful

although I floated around I don’t remember steps

quick trips back and forth

an acceptance of ease and comfort

I would have liked to gaze back

just a glimpse

my impatience erupts volcanos

stolen flames warming cold skin

my heart chases thoughts through corn fields

getting lost in everyday moments

imaginary adventures

you had me floating

hovering over  an almost dead fall

that evening a dragon ate the sun

the cosmos fell

just a glimpse

invited the watcher

my guide

to beam his eyes in my direction

I saw him

we saw each other

shapeshifting into

one another